MyMail Rewards for Unique Numbers

MyMail Rewards Club – Earn 275 Mail Points every week with MyMail .Every week you’ll find great items and offers that are available to you for a few Mail Points or even completely free!


As a member of MyMail, you can benefit from our fantastic Promotions. Simply visit the Promotions page to see which of our exclusive offers you can qualify for this week!
In our rewards section we have a fabulous range of rewards where you can spend your Mail Points. To redeem a reward all you need to do is enter the Unique Numbers which we print on the back page of the paper every day to earn Mail Points. The more Unique Numbers you enter the quicker you will be able to redeem a rewar

Save 35% ON FRUIT MALBECS 35% MALBECS FRUIT The Mail Wine Club are delighted to offer an exclusive £25 deposit on half a dozen fruit filled Malbecs – all delivered safely to your door with FREE express delivery! Velvety smooth and full of red fruit flavors, these luxurious wines should be on your wine rack to enjoy this summer. 6 bottles cost £69.94 for just £44.94 Up to £11.99 each, now only £7.49 per bottle FREE express delivery to your door With a selection of French and Argentinian Malbecs Fault 2 x Les Arbousiers Reserve Malbec, France 2 x The Watchmakers Tourbillion Reserve Malbec, Argentina 2 x Florel Reserve Malbec, Argentina With such generous savings on this unique red wine, stocks are strictly limited to one case per customer – order now to ensure you don’t miss out. HOW FREE If you’re a subscriber (or to know more, click here): Sign in to your mail account. You can unlock this offer automatically from Friday 1st July – no need to enter a unique number. Click ‘Issuing Now’ on Monday 11th July – no need to spend nectar points. You will be redirected to the website with your exclusive offer. If you are not a subscriber: Sign in to your mail account. Enter the unique number from the back of the post between Friday 1 July and Thursday 7 July. Click ‘Issuing Now’ on Monday 11th July – no need to spend nectar points. You will be redirected to the website with your exclusive offer.

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